Solitary Blues
Review by Willard Manus

Ruby Hayes waxes hot and strong on her new CD, SOLITARY BLUES.
The singer is relatively new to L.A., having relocated here a few years ago from her Washington, DC base (though she’s originally from Arkansas, mother lode of blues and gospel), but she has carved out a name for herself, thanks to her gifts as a vocalist, songwriter and actress. (She has performed in her original one-woman show, “Ruby Hayes Sings Bessie’s Blues,” in L.A. and regionally as well.)

Now she has reached a milestone in her career with the release of SOLITARY BLUES, an album on which she sings eight of her own tunes, backed up by pianist Billy Mitchell (on two cuts) and by some of L.A.’s best studio musicians and singers. The result makes for truly enjoyable listening. Hayes not only writes clever, witty lyrics but puts them across in a lusty, rollicking way that’s quite infectious. She also has a varied range as an artist and is able to sing every kind of song, from pure blues (Solitary Blues) to bawdy love songs (Construction Man) to socially-conscious ballads (Tell Me Why) in a hard-rockin’, finger-poppin’ style that’s all her own. This is one r&b singer to watch out for.

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